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Kingsmill Industries is a leading manufacturer, and supplier of earthing materials and lightning protection products and equipment for the UK and international markets.

Kingsmill aims to provide the highest standards of service and customer care without compromising quality or price. All products are designed and manufactured to meet British and international standards. Earthing and Lightning Protection Standards include BS EN 62305, BS EN 62561 parts 1 – 7, BS 7430, BS 7354 and UL467.

At Kingsmill, our wealth of knowledge in structural lightning protection, earthing and surge protection gives us the ability to offer leading edge product development and unparalleled technical support. We are sensitive to the needs of our customers and to the requirements of an ever-changing technological world.

United Arab Emirates
Established in the UAE in 2006, Ravco International General Trading L.L.C is part of the Kingsmill Group of Companies and acts as the regional distribution hub, customer and technical support centre for Kingsmill Industries making it easier for our MENA customers to stay in contact. Ravco provides remote and on-site support for design, technical and commercial queries relating to Kingsmill products. The team at Ravco is the bridge between the customer and Kingsmill Industries to facilitate the purchase journey while always maintaining competitive pricing for the region.
United Kingdom

Kingsmill Concrete Products Ltd is wholly owned by Kingsmill Holding Ltd and it produces both standard and bespoke wet concrete products from their own premises in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Standard products include the Kingsmill Concrete Inspection Pits. It also produces a range of Concrete Cable Protectors, Marker Posts and Marker Blocks. These are used for the protection, indication and marking of buried electrical services and cable junctions.

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