Jupiter TMS


Lightning strikes can induce hazardous transients on power and data lines, resulting in damage to electronic systems and costly downtime and repairs.Damaging transients can also be generated from within a facility. These are known as Switching Transients and result from the operation of large inductive loads, for example, large banks of lighting and production process machinery.
Today, more than ever before, our everyday lives depend upon the continuous and reliable operation of electronic systems, whether they are located in retail centres, medical facilities, air traffic control, utilities, banks, Government departments, commercial and industrial facilities.The Jupiter Transient Monitoring System (TMS) is a high-speed data acquisition device, that continuously monitors power, control and communication systems for transient overvoltage activity.The Jupiter TMS system can quickly identify transient signals that could compromise system operation and based upon accurate waveform characterisation, efficiently pinpoint the source.Alerts are immediate and the unit is rugged and proven immune to the electromagnetic effects of lightning.


  • Accurate measurement of direct, or indirectly coupled, lightning and switching transients
  • High bandwidth, high fidelity current, voltage and electromagnetic field measurements
  • Near real time alerts, reporting and characterisation of recorded transient events


CHANNELS4 Analog Channels
INPUTBalanced Differential
INPUT RANGE±200mV – ±200V
SAMPLING RATE80MS/s (up to 125MS/s)
EXAMPLE SENSOR TYPESMagnetic Field Sensors, Electric Field Sensors, Current Sensors, Voltage Sensors

How can Jupiter TMS work for you?

Jupiter TMS has greater than 40MHz of analog bandwidth – more than an order of magnitude higher than typical power quality monitors. Jupiter TMS will accurately resolve all high-speed transient waveforms, allowing users to fully characterise damaging transient events.

Signal Conditioners: The analog front-end of Jupiter TMS is customisable for handling AC and DC voltages in addition to the outputs of various transducers, including current probes, electromagnetic field sensors and environmental sensors. Users define trigger thresholds for all connected sensors through a graphical interface.

Zero-Deadtime Recording: Most data acquisition systems cannot resolve transient signals that arrive repeatedly in quick-time succession – the systems are effectively blind while data is being saved and processed. Jupiter TMS is capable of triggering continuously without losing a single data point. The result? You know every time your system or facility has been exposed to a dangerous transient signal.

Transient Immunity: Jupiter TMS captures accurate, high-fidelity transient measurements while ensuring the captured data is not degraded by the effects of those same transients. The proven design was born through the rigorous demands of the USA’s Space Program – where failures are not an option.