Jupiter OLS

Jupiter Optical Lightning Surveillance - OLS

Jupiter OLS is a site-specific, high-speed video based lightning location system, that detects 100% of lightning return stokes and pinpoints the location of lightning strikes with unprecedented accuracy.

Existing commercially available location systems only identify the general strike locations of lightning flashes, fail to detect more than 10% of individual ground strikes, may misreport strike locations by up to several kilometres and can ignore lightning discharges with multiple attachment points – a phenomenon that can occur in approximately 50% of cloud-to-ground lightning flashes.

Jupiter OLS was developed following years of research into the physics of lightning, high-speed data acquisition systems and state of the art sensing equipment. The performance and value of this system has been validated during extended deployment and testing at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where the systems monitor critical NASA payloads and facilities.


  • Aviation and Aerospace – Avoid closures, unnecessary launch delays, and simplify inspections after storms occur.
  • Insurance and Warranty Claims – Substantiate claims and deter fraud.
  • Military and Security – Timely intelligence for mission critical assets.
  • Energy – Monitor the functionality of lightning-vulnerable nuclear, solar, wind, oil and gas production, storage and distribution systems.
  • Communication, Data & Operation Centres – When downtime is simply not acceptable, depend on Jupiter OLS.



RESOLUTION1280 x 1024px
FRAME RATE100 – 1800fps
BIT DEPTH12 bit colour or monochrome
ANSI/IEC 60529IP66, protected against dust and high pressure water jets from any direction, resists coastal and industrial environments

Coverage and configuration

Each Jupiter OLS installation is configured specifically for the site and monitored assets. Smaller sites can be monitored with a single camera, and two or more cameras may be required to provide multi-angle image captures and/or precision surveillance of larger sites.

Customisable features

  • Number, position and mounting of Jupiter OLS units
  • Camera framing rates and lensing
  • Communication, alarm and reporting protocols
  • Power input

Jupiter OLS is lightning fast

The heart of Jupiter OLS is a unique, high-speed image acquisition and processing system designed to quickly and accurately capture the optical radiation of lightning. The system automatically photographs and records critical data about the lightning strike and immediately sends actionable alerts. Jupiter OLS monitors all lightning interaction with your assets and facilities 24/7 with zero system downtime.