Concrete Products

Kingsmill Concrete Products Ltd

Kingsmill Concrete Products Ltd is wholly owned by Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd and they produce both standard and bespoke wet concrete products from their own premises in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Standard products include the Kingsmill Concrete Inspection Pits.

They also produce a range of Concrete Cable Protectors, Marker Posts and Marker Blocks. These are used for the protection, indication and marking of buried electrical services and cable junctions.

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Cable Protectors

Reinforced Concrete Cable Protection covers are precast concrete impressed with a warning of ‘DANGER ELECTRICITY’.

They are available in 3 standard sizes: 150mm, 230mm and 305mm.

Marker Posts

Reinforced concrete marker posts for the indication of electric cable junctions and field markers impressed with ‘ELECTRIC CABLES’.

Manufactured from precast concrete and reinforced with steel rod to minimise the risk of severance. Supplied with a 100 x 76mm recess for supplementary identification plates.

Marker Blocks

Concrete marker blocks for the marking of underground buried electrical services and junctions impressed with ‘ELECTRIC CABLES’.

Manufactured using precast concrete and supplied with a 100 x 76mm recess for supplementary identification plates.