Innovative and conceptual ideas to customise lighting columns (sometimes referred to as street lighting poles) to suit and enhance a variety of applications 

The Kingsmill Composite Lighting Column offers amenity and street lighting designers the chance to add features for specific applications.

Kingsmill do not manufacture the electrical/electronic devices, but we are happy to work with you in assessing their suitability to be built into the column.

Examples being . . .

Point of interest information

The Kingsmill Intelligent Lighting Column could be equipped with a wi-fi speaker, such that the pedestrian can interact with the column to receive tourist information and/or guidance.

Power Outlet

The column can be fitted with a power outlet, for example for charging electric vehicles or for the powering of ceramic heaters as used under parked cars in Scandinavia.

Autonomous Power and Lighting

Electrical and electronic elements could be designed into the mast, in conjunction with design input from the customer.

Kingsmill can work with the customer and their luminaire/solar panel suppliers to design a custom made lighting column to mount such equipment.


With electric vehicles (EVs) set to increase exponentially in popularity over the next two decades, demand for EV charging points in public places is on the rise. Due to current capacities of existing grid systems and increased earthing requirements it is often preferable to consider combining EV charging points with street lighting columns.

Due to their non-conductive material composite columns are a safer alternative to traditional steel columns when adding EV charging points. Even if there is an electrical fault, there will be no touch potential from the column, thus preventing the risk of electrocution should someone touch the faulty pole.

Many potential EV owners do not have off-street parking and would therefore be trailing charging cables to their cars, posing as a trip hazard. Accessibility of roadside EV charging points becomes a simple and low-cost way of solving this issue. Additionally, the necessity of roadside charging points at taxi and bus ranks can similarly be dealt with.


Protecting Electronic Systems Fitted in Lighting Columns

Electrical and electronic systems are susceptible to damage from the indirect effects of lightning strikes and switching events. Transient overvoltages (also known as ‘surges’) degrade, damage and destroy sensitive circuitry.

Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) provide effective protection against these effects. This section briefly explains what transient surges are, how they affect lighting columns and how you can specify and fit Kingsmill SPDs.

Surge Protection in Street Lighting