Earth Bar Design

High Quality Earth Bars


Manufacturing to Design Specification

Standard Earth Bars meet the requirements of most applications.

However, we can design and manufacture an Earth Bar to suit special applications.

Send your specification to us and we will design a bespoke Earth Bar. This design is checked and confirmed by you before work commences.


Our standard Earth Bar Bases feature pre-drilled fixing holes for ease of installation and can be supplied powder-coated to reduce the risk of corrosion.

All Earth Bars are manufactured in our dedicated UK factory with a high level of quality control that ensures consistency.


Bespoke Specification

All components in an Earth Bar can be specified, including:

  • Size and material of bolt
  • Nut and washer
  • Length, width and thickness of bar
  • Number of disconnecting links and their position
  • The finish of the bar

. . . as well as many other variables.