Clean Energy Accessories: MC4 Connector

Clean Energy Accessories: MC4 Connector

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Rated Voltage: 1000V DC
Rated Current: 30A

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SKU: KM1MC4 Category: Tag:

Product Information:

MC4 connectors are commonly used for connecting solar panels. It is a standard connector that enables the easy construction of strings of panels and is a staple in the renewable energy sector.


The MC4 system consists of a plug and socket design, a male and female connector.

More Information:

Solar panels are a clean source of energy that use the sun’s rays to convert them into electricity or heat.

Our clean energy solutions provide electrical power as a way to decarbonize and transition to clean energy in our mission to combat climate change.

MC4 Connector KM1MC4

Rated Voltage1000V DC
Rated Current30A
StandardICE 62852
Protection DegreeIP67
Contact Resistance≤ 0.5 mΩ
Pollution degree2
Ambient Temperature40°C-+85°C
Cable Cross Section Area2.5mm2 .4mm2
Insulation MaterialPC EXL9330
Flame ClassUL94 V.0