Growatt Hope 4.8L-C1 Lithium Battery

Growatt Hope 4.8L-C1 Lithium Battery

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Product Information:

Growatt Hope 4.8L-C1 Lithium Battery is an energy storage unit composed of cells, mechanical parts, battery management system (BMS) as well as power and signal terminals.

The battery and kit are each sold separately.


  • Compact size and easy installation
  • High energy density and efficiency
  • Excellent safety of LiFePO4 battery
  • DoD up to 93%

More Information:

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Our clean energy solutions provide electrical power as a way to decarbonize and transition to clean energy in our mission to combat climate change.


  • ISO9001/14001
  • CE
  • TUV

DatasheetHope 4.8L-C1

Battery Data
Nominal Voltage48V
Normal Capacity4.8kWh
Usable Capacity4.46kWh
Operating Voltage42 ~ 54V
Rated Charging Current50A
Rated Discharging Current100A
Max. Discharging Power4.5kW
Peak Discharging Power6.1kW/6s
Max Charging Power4.5KW

General Data
Dimension (W/D/H)442/130/480mm
IP ProtectionIP20
Working Temperature-10°C~+55°C
Storage Temperature-20°C~+45°C

Parallel ConnectionMax.16packs
Communication Port CAN/RS485
5 Years
CertificationsIEC62619 , CE , UN38.3

Installation of Battery

It is recommended to install the battery into a cabinet and place it indoor. If you install it outdoor, select a cabinet with a sufficient IP rating. Build sunshade & rain shelter to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and rain for outdoor application


  • Do NOT expose battery into sunshine or rain directly.
  • Keep the dirt or dust at a minimal level.
  • Do not install battery in a place where flood frequently occurs.
  • Do not install battery in highly humid area.
  • Ensure direct contact between battery shell and ambient air and do NOT cover or shield battery.

1-Battery Orientation

The battery supports stackable installation with brackets. At most 8 batteries can be athwart stacked. Ensure that you install the battery in correct directions. Please refer to figures below (√ means acceptable and X unacceptable).

2-Stackable Installation with Bracket Support


Before installing battery, remove conductive ornaments such as watch, bracelet, and rings and wear protection equipment. Check and confirm the battery is powered off and battery breakers are turned off before any process.

Step 1

Prepare support brackets.

Step 2

Set the battery into 2 pcs of brackets from the rear.

Step 3

Stack battery packs with brackets and fasten screws. At most 8 battery packs can be stacked in this way.

Max. 8 PACKs

The battery stack can be placed in standing position or panel upward.

For more information regarding battery installation please download our pdf here.