Insulated Lightning Conductor Cable Connection Ring

Insulated Lightning Conductor Cable Connection Ring

Socket Screws: 4 x M8 x 8mm
Weight (kg): 0.60

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Product Information:

The Connection Ring connects several Insulated Lightning Conductors to the Insulated Conductor Interception Mast, where more than one cable is required to meet separation distance requirements. The Connection Ring is fixed at the top of the Interception Mast (over the aluminium Air Rod section).


Material: Aluminium

More Information:

Can be used in the application of an Interception Mast/Air Terminals. Interception Masts are specially designed to be used with the Kingsmill Insulated Lightning Conductor.

The Kingsmill Insulated Lightning Conductor System is used with objects where there is no possibility to maintain separation, due either to lack of sufficient space or simply for aesthetic reasons. Through using Insulated Lightning Conductor, the Air Terminal can be placed closer to the object to be protected-for example, roof-mounted plant or solar PV panels.

4 x M8 x 8mm