Exothermic Welding Accessories: 0.5kg Sealing Putty

Exothermic Welding Accessories: 0.5kg Sealing Putty

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Product Information:

Kingsmill Industries offers Sealing Putty to assist with your KingsWeld Exothermic connection and rail applications. The sealing putty is applied to the outside of the mould to prevent leakage of moulten weld metal, this is especially recommended for connections to reinforceing bar, but in general is good practice for most connection types.

More Information:

Before making a KingsWeld connection:

  • Always wear proper clothing, gloves and safety glasses when exothermic welding.
  • Read the general safety instructions and the positioning of conductors sheet supplied with each KingsWeld mould to familiarise yourself with the procedure you are going to perform.
  • Make sure the conductors that are to be welded are dry, dirt-free and clean.
  • Use the wire brush to clean the conductor surfaces being placed inside the mould – the cleaner the surface the better the connection will be.
  • Attach the handle clamp to the KingsWeld mould and check it will open & close freely.
  • Make sure that the KingsWeld mould is dry and moisture free. The best way to do this is by pre-heating the mould with a blow torch or by making a test connection.
SEAP0.5kg Sealing Putty