Exothermic Welding Accessories: Scrapers

Exothermic Welding Accessories: Scrapers

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Product Information:

Kingsmill Industries offers a variety of scrapers to assist with your KingsWeld Exothermic connection and rail applications.

More Information:

Before making a KingsWeld connection:

  • Always wear proper clothing, gloves and safety glasses when exothermic welding.
  • Read the general safety instructions and the positioning of conductors sheet supplied with each KingsWeld mould to familiarise yourself with the procedure you are going to perform.
  • Make sure the conductors that are to be welded are dry, dirt-free and clean.
  • Use the wire brush to clean the conductor surfaces being placed inside the mould – the cleaner the surface the better the connection will be
  • Attach the handle clamp to the KingsWeld mould and check it will open & close freely.
  • Make sure that the KingsWeld mould is dry and moisture free. The best way to do this is by pre-heating the mould with a blow torch or by making a test connection.
MS34Mould Scraper to Suit Type C Moulds
MS55Mould Scraper to Suit Type D Moulds
MS65Mould Scraper to Suit Type E/F Moulds
RSCRail Crown Scraper
RWSCRail Web Scraper
RFSCRail Foot Scraper