Earth Bar Design​

Standard or Tinned Earth Bar?

Standard Earth Bars are manufactured from bare copper bar. In most applications this does not cause any problems since the Earth Bars are located on the inside of a building, usually inside a dry, warm substation/communication room.

When this is not possible or practical, the Earth bar has to be located externally in a location that has higher moisture or humidity. In these cases, we recommend the use of a Tinned Earth Bar.

Tin is a soft white metal. It can easily be polished, scratch brushed or flow melted to give a bright finish. lt is non-toxic and it is not greatly affected by organic acids. Sulphur compounds do not readily tarnish tin. Neither is it impaired by air or water. Tin is one of the least susceptible metals to corrosion.

Benefits of a Tinned Earth Bar
Tinning a copper bar protects against atmospheric corrosion and hence provides a longer life when exposed to corrosive atmospheres.

A layer of tin protects the copper in the Earth Bar from the formation of copper oxide, thus preventing oxidation.

Tinned Earth Bars may be used in external applications or where atmospheric conditions are more severe and aggressive than normal ie high moisture content areas, high humidity etc.

A tinned Earth Bar resists corrosion from water.

Key Features of a Tinned Earth Bar

  • Manufactured from 50 x 6mm Tinned Hard Drawn Copper Bar
  • M1O x 35 A2 Stainless Steel Connection Bolts
  • Zero Halogen, Glass Reinforced Polyester Insulators c/w M10 brass Inserts
  • Black powder coated steel base (hot dipped galvanised steel base can also be supplied)
  • Pre-drilled base holes for ease of installation