Concrete Inspection Pits with Lifting Eye and Brass Plate

Concrete Inspection Pits with Lifting Eye and Brass Plate

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Product Information:

The Enhance Concrete Inspection Pits are your Concrete Inspection Pits with a little more customization options.
Enhanced Concrete Inspection Pits with Lifting Eye/Brass plate can be customized to your exact requirements.
The lifting eye makes it easy to remove the pit lid for applications where regular inspection is required, and the Inlaid Brass Plates can be engraved as required.
Typical engraving includes identification and safety notices and these can be produced in any language.


Dimensions: 315mm x 315mm x 165mm (W x D x H)
Material: Concrete

More Information:

The Concrete Inspection Pit protects the Earth Rod connection and makes it available for inspection. It can have an Earth Bar fitted diagonally in slots that provide for multiple conductor connections.

For installing lightning earthing system applications, We recommend the use of Copper earth electrode systems due to their inherent low resistivity and corrosion resistance.

Materials used in earthing systems must be able to:

  • withstand mechanical damage,
  • resist corrosion,
  • provide a low impedance path to earth,
  • and carry the maximum fault condition for the application/installation.

For protective earth networks and lightning protection applications our range encompasses:
Copper earth rod, earthing pole, copper bonded ground rod, earth ground rod, earth rod connector, earth rod cover, earth fitting, earthing studs, ground clamps for ground rod, ground pole and grounding post.

Our castings are high quality/high copper content complying to BS 7430 and BS 62561-1. Additional to our range are UL listed copperbond earth rods and exothermic welding.

Concrete Inspection Pit c/w Lifting Eye
Concrete Inspection Pit c/w Brass Plate
Concrete Inspection Pit c/w Lifting Eye & Brass Plate