Surge Current Arrester for Data, Signal and Telecomms (KM-BDG-230-V/1-FR1)

Surge Current Arrester for Data, Signal and Telecomms (KM-BDG-230-V/1-FR1)

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Type: D1, C2

Location: ST 1+2+3

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SKU: KM-BDG-230-V/1-FR1 Category: Tag:

Product Information:

Lightning current arrester with coarse and fine surge protection for the protection of 2 core signalling lines.


  • Pluggable module
  • Line separated from protective earth via GDT
  • Coupling resistance (R-resistance)

Benefits: Can be installed at any entry into the building as well as close to protected devices. Coarse and fine surge protection (core-core) in differential mode and coarse surge protection in common mode (line-PE).

Standards: EN 61643-21 (Surge Protection Devices).

Application: Install at the boundary of LPZ0 and LPZ1 zones at the line entry into the building.

More Information:

Where low voltage, data and telecom lines enter and exit the building, they must also be included in the Lightning Protection System.

A lightning surge protection device prevents damage to electrical and electronic equipment from transient over-voltage events by blocking or redirecting surge current to the ground instead of passing through the equipment.

These include:

  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Telephone lines
  • Data communication lines
  • Instrumentation, control, signalling lines
  • Coaxial lines for CCTV, TV, & antenna cables

Field based electronic equipment also need to be protected.

Electrical Specification:

Order number
Connection (input - output)
teminals - terminals
Nominal voltageUn
230V AC
Maximum operating voltageUc
177V AC/250V DC
Nominal load currentIL
C2 Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) per core/GND-PEIn
C2 Total discharge current (8/20μs) cores-PEItotal
D1 Impulse discharge current (10/350μs) core-coreIimp
D1 Total discharge current (10/350μs) cores-PEItotal
C3 Voltage protection level mode core-core at 1kV/μsUp
C3 Voltage protection level mode GND-PE/core-GND at 1kV/μsUp
Short-circuit current ratingISCCR
Response time core-coreta
Response time core-PE/core-GNDta
Serial resistance per coreR
Threshold frequency core-coref
Cross-section of connected conductors (solid) (min - max)
0.14mm² - 4mm²
Cross-section of connected conductors (stranded) (min - max)
0.14mm² - 2.5mm²
Degree of protection
Range of operating temperatures (min - max)
-40°C - +70°C
DIN rail 35mm
According to standard
EN 61643-21+A1,A2:2013, IEC 61643-21+A1,A2:2012 / D1, C2
ETIM Class
EC 001625
90g (nett), 115g (gross)

Wiring Diagrams for Surge Current Arrester for Data, Signal and Telecomms: