Lightning Strike Counter

Lightning Strike Counter

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Window Dimension (mm): 32
Counter Dimension (mm): 150 x 80.5 x 36

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SKU: HIT-LEC-D Category: Tag:

Product Information:

Lightning Strike Counters register direct lightning events passing through a lightning protection system. They have a long life and do not require a battery or external power.

With a sensitive response trigger current of only 500A, the Lightning Strike Counter can register very high lightning strikes up to 150kA 8/20μs. Lightning Strike Counters utilize a 6 digit mechanical count display and are IP67 rated for outdoor use.


Window Dimension: 32mm
Counter Dimension: 150mm x 80.5mm x 36mm
Enclosure Material: Steel

More Information:

Suitable for use with 8mm dia and 25 x 3mm conductors.


Counting current (rise time ≥8μs)>500A
Impulse sequence>1s
Display modelElectromechanical digital display
IndicatorLightning event 0 - 999999
Current sample modeInductive probe (built-in)
Working modeNo battery need
Operation temperature-20°C - +60°C
Window dimension32mm
Counter dimension150mm x 80.5mm x 36mm
Enclosure materialSteel
Degree of protectionIP67