Lightning Strike Counter

Lightning Strike Counter

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Window Dimension (mm): 32
Counter Dimension (mm): 150 x 80.5 x 36

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SKU: HIT-LEC-D Category: Tag:

Product Information:

Lightning Strike Counters register direct lightning events. They have a long life and do not require a battery or external power.

A sensitive response trigger current of the only 500A can register very high lightning strikes up to 150kA 8/20μs. Lightning Strike Counters utilize a 6 digit mechanical count display and are IP67 rated for outdoor use.


Window Dimension: 32mm
Counter Dimension: 150mm x 80.5mm x 36mm
Enclosure Material: Steel

More Information:

Suitable for use with 8mm dia and 25 x 3mm conductors.

When choosing a connector it is important to ensure:

  • The connector is mechanically robust.
  • The connector is selected according to its application.
  • The connector is rated for its application.
  • To avoid bimetallic corrosion-use a bimetallic connector (do not connect bare copper directly to bare aluminium, or have water run-off from copper, fall into aluminium).

Galvanic corrosion happens when there is a potential difference between dissimilar metals:

  • When the materials are in contact in the presence of an electrolyte, corrosion occurs. One metal becomes the anode, the other the cathode. The anode will tend to go into solution and therefore corrode. The electrolyte can be water with impurities from the air.
  • In the instance of water run-off from copper- the water carries fine copper corrosion particles which, when they drop on to aluminium or zinc, may result in corrosion. The direct contact of the dissimilar metals are not required for corrosion to occur in such a case.


Counting current (rise time ≥8μs)>500A
Impulse sequence>1s
Display modelElectromechanical digital display
IndicatorLightning event 0 - 999999
Current sample modeInductive probe (built-in)
Working modeNo battery need
Operation temperature-20°C - +60°C
Window dimension32mm
Counter dimension150mm x 80.5mm x 36mm
Enclosure materialSteel
Degree of protectionIP67