Earthing Accessories: Silfos

Earthing Accessories: Silfos

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Size (W x L) (mm): 50 x 8000

Material: Silver, Phosphorus and Copper Alloy

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SKU: SF050 Category: Tag:

Product Information:

Silfos allows copper to be brazed in the air without the use of flux.


Material: Silver, Phosphorus, and Copper alloy

More Information:

For installing earthing applications, Copper is the recommended material to use whether below or above ground.

Materials used in earthing systems must be able to:

  • withstand mechanical damage,
  • resist corrosion,
  • provide a low impedance path to earth,
  • and carry the maximum fault condition for the application/installation.

Our castings are high quality/high copper content complying to BS 7430 and BS 62561-1. Additional to our range are UL listed copperbond earth rods and exothermic welding.

SIZE (W x L) (mm)
50 x 8000
Silver, Phosphorus and Copper Alloy