Equipotential Bonding Strap

Equipotential Bonding Strap

Weight (kg): 0.04

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Product Information:

Equipotential Bonding Strap for bonding Insulated Lightning Conductor to Earth.


Material: Stainless Steel

More Information:

There can be an electromagnetic field around the Insulated Lightning Conductor despite its insulation.

Although the cable is insulated, the electromagnetic field cannot be completely isolated. By using the Equipotential Bonding Strap we ensure that the voltage charge is kept within tolerable limits.

The connection from the equipotential bond to Earth should be by the shortest route, preferably connected to an equipotential bonding bar, building reinforcing (if connected to a foundation electrode), or to the housing of securely earthed metal elements. This connection can be via 3.5㎟ cables.

The Kingsmill Insulated Lightning Conductor System is used with objects where there is no possibility to maintain separation, due either to lack of sufficient space or simply for aesthetic reasons. Through using Insulated Lightning Conductor, the Air Terminal can be placed closer to the object to be protected-for example, roof-mounted plant or solar PV panels.

Equipotential Bonding Strap