Copper Theft Detection and Earthing Integrity Monitoring

Copper Theft Detection and Earthing Integrity Monitoring

Sites where the safety and continuity of an earthing infrastructure are paramount (such as substations, power cables and mobile base stations in power transmission, telecoms and rail applications) can now be monitored in real time for theft, degradation and failure.

Copper Theft Detection & Earthing Integrity Monitoring from Kingsmill provides operating companies with immediate, accurate intelligence on safety risks and service status. This provide many benefits, including:

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  • Protecting staff and public from death and serious injury
  • Minimising outage risk and unplanned maintenance
  • Reducing consequential damages and other financial loss

This innovative solution monitors metallic infrastructure for change due to cutting/removal, damage or degradation. It incorporates a unique and patented inductance sensor that is sensitive to small changes in inductance. When the sense wires detect a change beyond pre-set and adjustable thresholds, an alarm is activated.

Set up for each application/installation is achieved through simple tuning/adjustment at installation via a management interface. This provides manual tuning options, as well as enabling real-time assessment of the monitoring of a site either locally or remotely. An M2M modem is included which is used to communicate alerts and configure/manage the unit.

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