Lightweight Lightning Mast

Kingsmill Lightweight Lightning Mast

Kingsmill brings innovation to Lightning Protection through the introduction of a lightweight, easy to install, aesthetically pleasing Lightning Mast.

The Lightweight Lightning Mast is a quick and easy to install single mast. It is suitable for use in projects where the “protective angle” or “rolling sphere” method is used for determining zones of protection.

Available with three mounting options (direct burial, hinged and free-standing base), the Lightweight Lightning Mast is aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t require and unsightly guy wires or supports and is available in a range of colours. It can also be overprinted with your own unique pattern or design eg camouflage or corporate branding.

The Lightweight Lightning Mast can be customised to your requirements. As well as a wide range of heights (from 5.5m to 21.5m) you can choose either aluminium or copper air terminals and conductor as well as one or two down-conductors of variable cross-sectional area

The Lightweight Lightning Mast is vandal resistant and lasts double the lifetime of metallic equivalents.

For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. Or contact us through our website to submit a query.

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