Brackets and Luminaire Fittings

Brackets and Luminaire Fittings



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Product Information:

Our lighting columns accept all standard brackets and luminaires, with a top diameter of 60mm.

We can source and supply a wide range of brackets and luminaires to complement your lighting column and street lighting design

More Information:

Advantages of Composite Columns – Composite lighting columns have many advantages over conventional metal columns, due to their manufacturing materials and process. Kingsmill columns are constructed from glass fibre polymer with a gel coating protecting the entire column. This produces a lightweight structure that is easy to install and extremely durable, perfect for areas with a high corrosion potential.

Aesthetics– Unlike traditional steel lighting columns, composite columns offer a wide range of customisation options, not least colour choice. Manufactured as standard to resemble conventional metal columns, the Kingsmill lighting column can be produced in a wide range of colours to suit any aesthetic.

Not only can the columns be supplied coloured, but the Kingsmill lighting column offers the revolutionary possibility to add graphics to the body of the column. With endless possibilities for design, the column offers boundless flexibility and personalisation to suit any environment.

Corrosion Resistance – Kingsmill lighting columns are highly corrosion resistant due to their composite materials and gel coating. This provides a smooth, UV resistant surface that is easy to clean. Dirt, glue residue and graffiti are all easy to remove from the column as acetone solvents don’t damage the surface. The high quality materials used in production ensure UV resistance, preventing sun damage to the column and any added graphics.

Due to the fact that the composite column has no metal parts, especially if root mounted, the Kingsmill Lighting Column is rust and corrosion resistant, additionally resisting the effects of road salts, animal urine and traffic pollution. This leads to a column lifespan of 40+ years.

Electrical Safety – The electrical components inside the column are protected as the column has a reduced dew point, stopping icing and preventing moisture from damaging the internal electrical components. When combined with the non-conductive nature of the column itself, this produces a safe environment for electrical components with minimal risk of electrocution in the event of an electrical fault.

Vandal Resistance – Kingsmill Lighting Columns are made from composite material. Unlike traditional metal columns they have no scrap value. This acts as a powerful theft deterrent, including of the access door.

The columns are also graffiti and vandal resistant. Paint and adhesives are easily removed with acetone solvent that will not damage the gel coat. Our composite columns resist fire and mechanical damage potentially caused by malicious vandalism.

Logistics – The composite materials used to produce the lighting column result in a much more lightweight structure than a traditional steel pole – an 8 metre column weighs only 50kg.

Columns can be easily handled by two people, reducing the necessity for large installation equipment and shortening the installation times. This in turn vastly reduces the installation cost compared to conventional metal columns.

When combined with the reduced transportation cost and smaller foundations required to mount the columns, the advantages of composite lighting columns over metal poles become clear.

Environment – Manufactured from glass fibre polymer, the Kingsmill Lighting Column is 100% recyclable. Manufacturing methods also have low CO2 emissions, resulting in minimal environmental impact.

Additionally, due to the ease of transportation and assembly of the columns, the environmental impact of installing them is also significantly lower than traditional lighting columns.

Since they are made of GFP material, the lighting columns do not cause interference to radio waves, microwaves, radars or other airport infrastructure. This makes them the perfect solution for such projects, minimising the impact of the lighting chosen on necessary infrastructure.

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