Isolating Spark Gap (M8 Bolt and Nut)

Isolating Spark Gap (M8 Bolt and Nut)

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Lightning Impulse Current: 100kA
Classification: Class H – Heavy Duty

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SKU: KMSGO-500 Categories: ,

Product Information:

Encapsulated high-performance Isolating Spark Gap with M8 bolt and nut.


  • 100kA
  • Class H – Heavy Duty
  • Easy Installation

Benefits: Suitable for use where a direct connection is not allowed, for example, the bonding of insulated joints and flanges in cathodically protected pipes.

Standards: EN 61643-11 (for surge protection devices)

Application: For indirect earthing of isolated conductive parts.

More Information:

It is important within a Lightning Protection System (LPS) that the extraneous conductive parts of a structure are equipotentially bonded into the Lightning Protection network. The purpose of this bonding is to ensure that, in the event of a lightning discharge, any sparking or flashover of the lightning current to conductive parts of the structure, for example, water pipes, cables, hand rails etc are avoided.

More information on Equipotential Bonding can be found in our Bonding Guide (

Electrical Specification:

Order Number
Lightning Impulse CurrentIimp
Rated Impulse Sparkover VoltageUrimp
Rated Power Frequency Withstand VoltageUWAC
Rated DC Withstand VoltageUWDC
Isolation Resistance
Class H - Heavy Duty
Degree of Protection
Range of Operating Temperatures (min - max)
-40°C - +80°C
According to Standard
EN 62561-3:2012, IEC 62561-3:2012
ETIM Class
235g (nett), 255g (gross)