Isolating Spark Gap (Connecting Cables)

Isolating Spark Gap (Connecting Cables)

Lightning Impulse Current: 50kA
Classification: Class N – Normal Duty

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Product Information:

Encapsulated high-performance Isolating Spark Gap with connecting cables.


  • 50kA
  • Class N – Normal Duty
  • Easy installation

Benefits: Suitable for use where a direct connection is not allowed.

Standards: EN 61643-11 (for surge protection devices)

Application: For indirect earthing of isolated conductive parts.

More Information:

An important part of a Lightning Protection System (LPS) is that electrically continuous parts of a structure must be bonded into the Lightning Protection network. The purpose of this bonding is to ensure that, in the event of a lightning discharge, any sparking of flashover of the lightning current to conductive parts of the structure, for example, water pipes, cables, etc are avoided.

Electrical Specification:

Order Number
Lightning Impulse CurrentIimp
Rated Impulse Sparkover VoltageUrimp
Rated Power Frequency Withstand VoltageUWAC
Isolation Resistance
Class N - Normal Duty
Degree of Protection
Range of Operating Temperatures (min - max)
-40°C - +80°C
According to Standard
EN 62561-3:2012, IEC 62561-3:2012
1600g (nett), 1610g (gross)