Rectangular STRIKEBAND Copper Covered Aluminium

Rectangular STRIKEBAND Copper Covered Aluminium

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Dimension (mm): 25 x 3

Coil Length (m): 74

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SKU: CCAT2530 Category: Tag:

Product Information:

Rectangular STRIKEBAND Copper Covered Aluminium is sold in the specified coil length only. Copper thickness is 15% by volume, giving a radial thickness of 0.25mm.


Material: 99.9% Purity Copper and 99.7% Purity Aluminium.

More Information:

Strikeband – a bimetallic lightning conductor for above ground applications. Strikeband combines the corrosion resistance and inherent low resistivity of copper, with the lightness and flexibility of aluminium, providing a low cost, easy to use alternative to solid copper.
Seamless, high conductivity copper is bonded (through high pressure) to a solid core of electrical grade aluminium. The copper thickness uses is 15% by volume of the cross-sectional area. The resultant material is easier to bend, having less spring-back than copper. This is a distinct advantage to the Lightning Protection installer when “dressing” the conductor to the contours of the building. Combining longer coil lengths and a lightweight make this product an ideal choice where the advantages of copper above ground are required, but with cost reductions.
Strikeband is offered in two sizes and has passed testing to IEC/BS:EN 62561-2.

Conductors are an essential component of a Lightning Protection System. They form part of:

  • The Air Termination Network – arresting the lightning strike
  • The Down Conductor System – taking the lightning discharge to ground
  • The Earth Termination/Network – safely dissipating the lightning discharge into the ground.
Conductors are also an integral and important component of an earthing system, whether this be for a power station, sub-station, cell site, solar PV array etc.

Conductors provide a low impedance path and they must be:

  • Correctly sized for fault current
  • Sufficiently robust to resist mechanical damage
  • Able to resist the effects of corrosion
WEIGHT (per m) (kg)
bimetallic conductor
25 x 3