Kingsmill – Supplying the Rail Industry with Earthing Materials since 1999

Kingsmill Supplying the Rail Industry with Earthing Materials since 1999

Supplying the Rail Industry with Earthing Materials since 1999

Kingsmill are a registered and qualified RISQS company and are proud to have been supplying into the rail industry since 1999. 

Rail Industry Earthing Requirements

Kingsmill manufacture and supply a range of earthing materials specifically for the earthing requirements of rail industry, these rail earthing products include:

Earthing Rail Products

Our products have been used to “earth” the following rail specific products/product sections:

  • Signalling (Signals & Structures)
  • Location Cases
  • REB (Relocatable Equipment Buildings)
  • Telecommunications & Radios
  • Power Supply Equipment
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Overhead Line
  • Points Heating
  • Level Crossing Controls
  • Kingsmill Rail

Kingsmill – RISQS Registered and Qualified

The Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) has been developed from the UK rail industry’s Link-up scheme to provide a fair, open and transparent third party qualification process, with the aim of becoming the preferred route for suppliers to engage with their customers, in an efficient and effective manner.

Governed by the newly former RISQS Board the scheme offers a Standard for qualifications in the industry, detailing the need to qualify suppliers of safety critical engineering products and services procured ultimately for use on the infrastructure in order to minimise the importation of safety risks.

Kingsmill are proud to say that we are a registered and qualified RISQS company and have the following products codes registered with RISQS (Link-up):


  • 01.90.01 SMP – Materials & Parts (Signalling)


  • 03.90.01 SMP – Materials & Parts (Rail)
  • 03.91.01 SMP – Materials & Parts (Switch & Crossing Units)
  • 03.93.01 SMP – Materials & Parts (Track Support)
  • 03.94.01 SMP – Materials & Parts (Ancillary Track Related)

Building Works

  • 08.01.15 SMP – Minor Structural Building Works (Including Ancillary Buildings & Alterations to Existing Buildings)
  • 08.02.01 SMP – Modular Buildings (Excluding Relocatable Equipment Building)
  • 08.02.02 SMP – Relocatable Equipment Building
  • 08.04.05 SMP – Electrical Installations (Special Assessment)
  • 08.04.07 SMP – Protective Installations
  • 08.04.08 SMP – Communications Installations
  • 08.90.01 SMP – Materials & Parts (Building Works)


  • 12.90.01 SMP – Materials & Parts (Civils)

Infrastructure Telecomms

  • 13.03.04 SMP – Masts (Including Earthing & Lightning Protection)
  • 13.90.01 SMP – Materials & Parts (Telecomms)


  • 14.01.01 SMP – Wiring
  • 14.01.02 SMP – Earthing & Bonding
  • 14.01.03 SMP – Switching
  • 14.05.01 SMP – Main Steelwork
  • 14.05.02 SMP – Small Part Steelwork
  • 14.05.03 SMP – Support System
  • 14.90.05 SMP – Ancillary Electrification Related

Fixed Infrastructure Plant

  • 15.04.02 SMP – Electric Points Heating Systems
  • 15.90.01 SMP – Materials & Parts (Fixed Infrastructure Plant)

For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. Or contact us through our website to submit a query.

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